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About Inova Lasers

Inova Lasers is a global FDA-approved medical and aesthetic equipment supplier company. Inova Lasers’ purpose is to improve the laser industry by creating a stronger, more powerful and faster technology to better the medical aesthetics industry by manufacturing minimally invasive, faster, and stronger technology and revolutionizing the laser hair removal world.

We also take pride in assisting our customers with any laser repair services. We diagnose your equipment problems and repair them promptly. Our team can also assist you with a business development plan including a training certification course that is fully guided, hands-on training, both theoretically and on real patients.


Learn the development of the most exciting  industry in the Esthetics world. Laser Hair Removal is the fastest  growing business nationwide. If you are the perfect candidate and would like to grow your revenue in the Medical Cosmetics Industry. 

How we help you- 

  • Knowledgement of Inova hair laser removal procedures.

  • Assistance of leasing & purchasing of laser machines for your business.

  • Possible Job Placement Assistance

  • How to build your hair removal business (Menu pricing, Consultation room set up & Inventory, Software & Intake forms.)

  • Assistance in client and patient relations.

Subjects covered

  • Skin Typing

  • Laser Physics

  • Laser Safety

  • Rules and Regulations

  • Sanitation

  • Pre and Post Care

  • Patient Consultation

Training & Certification

Need assistance developing a business plan? Ours comes with a fully guided, hands-on training certification course.

Business Development

Get assistance in developing and extending your aesthetic laser and skin treatment business management skills.

Inova Financing

Obtain fast, easy Inova Lasers equipment leasing approval with no interest rate for 6 months. We finance you directly for qualified training.

Distribution Opportunities

Contact us to learn more about Inova Laser products and services.

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