Founded in 2010 in New York City, our first location, Infinity Spa set the standard for our other 9 locations. From this experience, hard work and dedication, Mestiza was born. Mestiza is a Latin American word that means mixed and it was the perfect name to match our vision which was to build a place that is culturally diverse and inclusive. Mestiza took the world by storm offering unique treatments, state of the art technology and customer service that is unparallel.

Our team spent years scouring the world, for the best treatment techniques and innovative technology to change the game. WHAT SETS US APART is that we have machines no one else in the world has. Our founders invented the INOVA Laser machine which is licensed, patented and FDA approved. Doctors and technicians from all over the country travel to learn from our team as well as purchase our patented products and equipment to use at their clinics.

At Mestiza, we screen and train our employees rigorously so that they are able to provide the best service possible. The technicians here are some of the best in the country. We are always up to date with the newest treatments and technology and we look forward to your visit.

Now servicing New York and Miami